Lapis : Natural Edible Colours of Sarawak 7th July


Immerse yourself in the demonstrations of colours, the making of lapis designs and the Sarawak Hi Tea with layered cakes – book your tickets at one of 3 sessions each day starting at 2.30, 3.15 and 4.00 pm.
(We will try our best to accommodate your booking at the preferred times selected).
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Immerse yourself in the demonstrations of colours, the making of lapis designs and the Sarawak Hi Tea with layered cakes. Curated and organised by Agnes Chin, an entrepreneur and cake stylist; and KINO Live Heritage Kitchen (KLHK), the use of natural colours is applied and demonstrated in making all of the many layered varieties of the cakes and other edibles at this event with four Demo Stations:


Making of Colors – by KINO Live Heritage Kitchen (KLHK)

Step by step approach to “Make your own natural edible colors” by KLHK


Layer Tea Drink  – by KLHK

Step by step making of layered tea drinks


“Tong Yuen” a heritage jewel – by EAT

Step by step making of  multi colored “Tong Yuen”, pearls, served in ginger and sugarcane soup or coconut/sago and gula apong soup


Sarawak Kek Lapis Designs – by KLHK

Step by step demo on how geometric designs are being made. Truly a work of art and highly labour intensive.  Lapis (layer) cakes are now celebrated in many forms but Sarawak Lapis is iconic in design form


After the educational demo tour, visitors will be treated to a large array of all kinds of layer desserts, cakes, puddings and special drinks (such as blue tea, rose tea and layer tea) prepared on the premise.


Adults will be charged RM30.00, students and seniors RM15.00. Pre-registration for a spot at the event is required.

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